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            The enterprise cultu
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            The enterprise culture

                  Work and pull together, to struggle together, ”be the best of best” is always the core cultural Guangzhou Sea-Land, the company was established in 1996, at that time at home is not the type of toy, now is the world's largest R & D, production, sales in one of the professional 3D puzzle, wooden toys enterprises. "Sea-Land" brand toys, is the leading enterprises in Chinese 3D puzzle toys market. Since its establishment, the company has stick with the "development strategy of environmental protection Toy Puzzle", with the spirit of innovation and quality strategy to promote enterprise development, to the "integrity, pragmatic" business philosophy to win the market and social returns, in the competition fierce toy market for many years to maintain the steady and healthy development, and achieved good economic benefit and social benefits.

                  The rapid development of eighteen years, Sea-Land toys achievements: from an initially with an annual output of less than 50 millions no well-known small factory, has become a company with tens thousands square meters production base, more than 500 employees, annual output value up to billions. From any different way to see Sea-Land, it has become success as a professional 3D puzzle production company, which is what makes us to achieve what we become today.

             ONE: Sea-Land unique enterprise culture
            1) The spirit of enterprise: loyal, friendly, hard-working, enterprising.
            2) The business philosophy: to create a better and more dedicated challenging toys to the vast number of consumers.
            3) Management concept: endless innovation.
            4) Management characteristics: rational, scientific, standardization, network.
            5) The service concept: every little thing of you are our problems.
            6) Human resource philosophy: people-oriented.
            7) Enterprise vision: to create the world's leading 3D Toys world, achievement Sea-Land world brand.
            8) the enterprise mission: the pursuit of perfect quality, to provide professional services.
            9) the soul of enterprise: to consumers are boutique and satisfaction, for entrepreneurs are a chance and development, performance and returns to investors.
            10) Enterprise strategy: use wisdom to seek win-win development space, the implementation of standardized management innovation mechanism.

            TWO: Sea-Land’s Value
            The enterprise culture is based on "real", derived from "faith" and "explore" and "ritual" and other core values, "loyal, friendly, hard-working, enterprising" spirit of enterprise, to "talk less, do more real work" pragmatic work attitude, thus forming the outer extension culture and realistic restrained, and closely combining the actual situation of reform and opening up.

            1) Real – talk less but work more
            Our company strategy is seeking truth from facts, and on pragmatic. Intentness to be professional and steady development, in the market management we highly against false propaganda, real through the high quality products to satisfy customer demand and establish a good reputation. Establish a steady work, doing more, talk less pragmatic style. Keep the good character in the staff, do honest person, to be honest, do real work to keep the company running on a higher level.

            2) Believe - faith, trust, honesty and faith
            Meticulously to create high-quality products, provide more DIY toys for the human, firm of all the staff is the belief of. Trust is the only company employing mechanism. Honesty is the company's operating philosophy. The integrity of consumption, high-quality products, service to global customers; faith to distributors and suppliers, is the strategic partnership will be an necessary condition of realizing win-win situation; trust to shareholders is to be careful decision-making, to create the greatest value for shareholders, trust to the relevant; trust to parties, is too credit and moral, pay taxes according to law, to create a harmonious society, corporate citizen to bear the responsibility, and make due for contribution for the country, society.

            3) Manner - respect, equality, solidarity and cooperation, friendly.
            The company people-oriented, respect for employees. The establishment of full program(exercise, training, appointment, promotion) appoint people on their merit, give full scope to the talents of the human resources system; require employees to treat colleagues, customers, related personnel to with due respect, respect for leadership. Sea-Land toys chairman has mansion, "Sea-Land advocate is a spirit of willing to suffer the spirit, Chinese enterprises need such a spirit". Sea-Land toys has always attached great importance to cultivating awareness of corporate social responsibility and set up, and to internalize it into Sea-Land toys enterprise culture, from top to bottom, from first to last inherited.

            4、New - innovation, pioneering and enterprising
            The company through continuous technical, management and marketing innovation, constantly create brilliant in the professional field. The company encourages innovation, requiring employees to respect science but to innovation, abide by the system but should be good at breakthrough, stand on solid ground but to work hard, create more value.

            THREE:Quadruple humanistic philosophy

                  Sea-Land people are convinced that the growth of enterprises can not only experience of advanced and efficient in the industry leading technology and management, the enterprise culture is the soft power of the basic of the development of enterprises, and this one's sense of social responsibility is the priority among priorities.

                  Sea-Land toy has been the sense of social responsibility as one of the core concept of enterprise based, from management to the general staff everyone into the full of the sense of social responsibility of the enterprise culture, it also explains the consistent performance in many quadruple social fund-raising activities.

            1) The development of staff management training, promoting the high-speed growth enterprises. To provide a good learning opportunity is to give employees the best welfare. In staff training, in human, financial, material resources without stint, year after year, invested and set up a large staff training center of each branch have also set up a staff training room.

            2) We care about the employees after work life, colorful cultural and sports activities to carry out a wide range of the company each year in addition to a variety of labor contest regular, employees provide rich competitive arena style, colorful life let young people can compete in the competition and to increase self realization. The company held a staff sports, rich programs, a fierce battle.

            3) In order to give full play to the technical staff, intellectual ability, company strain every nerve, created a very good work, living environment. In terms of hardware companies have research of advanced experimental equipment, has been in the management emphasis on people-oriented company to create a good cultural atmosphere respect knowledge, respect talent, set up scientific and technological progress award mechanism, and to be rewarded for outstanding contributions to scientific and technical personnel.

            Four: Sea-Land’s role of corporate culture: enterprise culture can influence to its summarized as the following five functions:

            1) function oriented corporate with our own values and the noble goals guide the enterprise managers and employees to the enterprise production and management of the established goal ahead, it reflected the role and experience of production and operating activities.

            2) Regulate the function of enterprise culture as a concept of culture, give the enterprise groups and the view of the value of employees, style, customs, and etiquette, so that employees comply with these norms of behavior choice, thus criterion according to certain behavior on employee behavior, to rules and for constraints.

            3) Condensing function enterprise culture is the spiritual foundation of enterprise unity. There is no solid spiritual foundation, to put all the organizations and employees long-term cohesion is fundamental unbelievable in the business organizations. The enterprise culture is the common values and shared beliefs, provided the correct guidelines for the effective solution to the contradictions and conflicts within the enterprise, at the same time, strengthen the centripetal force of the staff of enterprises and the attractiveness of the staff of the enterprise.

            4) The incentive function of this function is refers to the enterprise culture to strengthen the staff's work motivation, inspire staff initiative, enthusiasm and creativity of acts, including the external motivation and internal motivation. Excellent corporate culture can provide a good psychological environment, interpersonal environment and give full play to one's ability and cleverness to realize the self perfect conditions for the staff.

            5) The radiation function of this function is that when the culture of enterprise development to a certain stage, having to external diffusion, assimilation of heterogeneous small culture, influence of the social cultural function of enterprise culture. "If an enterprise wants to survive, must have their own technical, strategic, stick to their faith.

            FIVE:Quadruple cultural  competitiveness

                 Obtained from the quadruple in the enterprise culture, enterprise culture construction enlightenment characteristics of modern enterprise competition, in the final analysis is the competition of enterprise culture, from this perspective, the enterprise is not only an economic organization, also is a cultural organization, enterprise production and management activities is not only the product competition, but also the culture of competition.

            SIX: Innovation is an important factor of the enterprise's long-term Development.
            Sea-Land have been convinced, only has the core technology of the enterprise, can be as strong competitors in the international market to gain a foothold and breakthrough, can be called the world famous brand. As a professional toy production enterprises, Sea-Land should not only ahead of competitors in sales and sales, more to leading-edge research and development in technology

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