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            Address: guangzhou pearl river new city huaqiang road fuli surplus li & fung building, room 2101, no. 2

            The phone:(020)38063030 38063029



            Company introduction
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            Company introduction

                  Guangzhou Sea-Land Toys Co., Ltd was established in 1996 October (the predecessor of Guangzhou Sea-Land wooden toys Co. Ltd.). Through effort of nearly twenty years, we from originally only one workshop developed into the production and storage space has nearly thirty thousand square meters area, export-oriented enterprises in economic form a variety of self-developed products and processing etc. Sea-Land Toys Company is the world in the forefront of the "three-dimensional simulation jigsaw puzzle" in the field, it has become first on the list of the leading enterprises in mainland, China.

                  We are a collection of design and development, professional production and sales of various professional ability as one of the toys enterprises . With more than a dozen outstanding design professionals and many technicians, and always implement the "people have I have, people have my excellent business philosophy". We introduced a high precision technology equipment: computer automatic control of laser cutlasses machines, cutting machine to improve the precision and efficiency of the system model.

                  After years of exploration, combined with the implementation of 5S management, in good faith, quality assurance for the business enterprise, to the quality management system requirements as the guidance, strengthening the management of enterprises, and adopted the ISO quality management system certification; we won the Guangdong Entry Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau issued "export toy quality permit"; after a long investigation in Guangdong province Toy Association and the China Toy Association, our company respectively in 1998 and 2003 respectively was accepted as a member units and executive director of the unit.

                  Guangzhou Sea-Land Toys Co., product quality fully comply with the "GB6675-2003" index, and national standard "ISO 8124" toy safety requirements and USA "ASTM F963", "EN71" the European toy safety standards; "ICTI" international toy industry certification; BSCI factory (Business Social Compliance Initiative), namely the BSCI the members of BSCI global supplier of social responsibility audit; we also adopted the SGS related institutions audit, and through the establishment of audit "enterprise product standard enterprise standard No.: Q/SLWJ 1-2011"; we in previous product inspection and sampling process, the quality of products by the Chinese Guangdong Import and export toy inspection Center (Guangzhou), TianXiang Testing Services Co. Ltd., SGS testing center of qualified approval; Guangzhou city quality supervision and Testing Institute of each random sampling results of products are all qualified.

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            Address: guangzhou pearl river new city huaqiang road fuli surplus li & fung building, room 2101, no. 2
            Domestic sales:020 38063030   Foreign sales calls:(020)38063029 38063012 38063013
            Fax:(020) 38063031   Email:sealand@ydjwhcm.com  Technical support: