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            Address: guangzhou pearl river new city huaqiang road fuli surplus li & fung building, room 2101, no. 2

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            Joining process
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            Joining process

            ONE:Through the investment advisory understanding
            1) Through the meeting, training, advertising and other investment channels, understand enterprise general situation and operation mode.
            2) Understand the conditions and requirements.
            3) determine the open a shop.
            TWO:Fill out the application form for joining
            Join the party to fill in the application form for joining, certificate and management ability of data files, submit to company headquarters approval.
            THREE: company evaluation
            1) Headquarters receive the application form, to the specific circumstances and conditions of franchisees for review
            2) Review, notify the applicant to sign up.
            FOUR: Signing
            1) The company provides franchise contract text, and explained
            2) The company and join the party to contract, clear bilateral cooperation way, the rights and obligations.
            3) Pay expenses relating to join.
            FIVE: the location, registration
            1) According to join to provide the shop address, company determine the feasibility of the project, to determine the final location.
            2) Store locations is determined, joining the party needs to deal with the business license and other related documents.
            SIX: Decoration design, recruitment
            1) Join the party to provide business site plan, the company responsible for the design projects and rendering.
            2) Under the guidance of the company, according to the uniform design to select material, decoration company.
            3) Recruitment management personnel required.
            1) The company unified provide shop operation training for joining the party.
            2) Management software and hardware operation training.
            3) Market analysis and market channel development guidance.
            4) The assistant training.
            EIGHT: Opening
            1) To carry out the opening promotion plan and sales promotion measures. 2) For the opening ceremony.
            3) Tracking practice operation situation, provide advice.
            4) Timely feedback to open early operation.
            NINE: Management guidance
            1) Standardized management, timely reflect the business situation to company.
            2) All propaganda and promotion measures, the implementation of the company.
            3) The company not to join in the training and guidance on a regular basis.
            TEN: The production orders
            1) The joining trader according to join the agreement, the production orders for production.
            2) Pay a deposit
            ELEVEN:Logistics distribution
            1) The company through the logistics delivery.
            2) Goods in general, to join the party which ran.
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            Address: guangzhou pearl river new city huaqiang road fuli surplus li & fung building, room 2101, no. 2
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